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Document Number:0502087
Date:15 June 1830
SOLD - transcription available: 10.00
Good, consistent with age.
Physical description:
Parchment : 1 sheet 62cm x 80cm with 2 wax seals and escutcheoned revenue stamp. (There is a separate small related manuscript note included).
Summary of contents
Henry Southey of Fitzroy Square, London, Joiner
Thomas Weller of St James Street, London, Waiter
William Upcott of Cullompton, Devon, Merchant
Henry Southey of Culmstock, Devon, Baker

The document begins by reciting an indenture of 1795 in which Charles Scadding of Hemyock assigns property to Robert Wood of Culmstock (both in Devon) for the residue of a term of 500 years. The property is a dwellinghouse and flower garden bounded by the King's Highway from Millmoor (parish of Culmstock) to Hemyock on the North East side, and by the River Culme on the South West.
Robert Wood died in 1808 leaving the property to his wife Elizabeth during her lifetime and then to his daughter Hannah the wife of Henry Southey (the father of the one in this contract). Hannah Southey died next, followed by Elizabeth Wood in 1821, leaving Henry Southey (the father) as heir. Henry Southey died in 1829 leaving his property to his son Henry Southey (party to this contract) and his daughter Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Weller.
Henry Southey and Thomas Weller are now assigning the property for the residue or the the 500 year term to William Upcott for 80.

The separate brief note relates to the original title of Charles Scadding to the property and also mentions Alexander Scadding, the son of John Scadding.