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Document Number:0502071
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:03 October 1829
For Sale:45.00
Good. Very clean for its age.
Parchment : 1 sheet, 31cm x 46cm with revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Edward BARKER of Tarring, Sussex. Esquire.
Charles MARSHALL of Tarring, Sussex. Gentleman.
William TRIBE of Worthing, Sussex. Gentleman.
William STREET (deceased) of Goring, Sussex. Yeoman.

The document concerns a copyhold tenement called Bolds in the Manor of Tarring with Marlpost. It contains 1 rood of land, adjoins the Town Field, and includes a cottage lately erected by William Hide.

We are told that a previous proclamation had been made by the Manor Court for any to claim this property, and William Tribe is now doing so. He is acting as the Executor of William Street and claims that William Hide borrowed 352/17/4d from William Street in 1810 on the security of this property. William Hide later defaulted on the loan.

Accordingly, William Tribe is now being admitted to the property.

Edward Barker is Lord of the Manor and the document is signed by Charles Marshall, as steward of the manor.
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