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Document Number:0502042
Date:04 October 1869
SOLD - transcription available: 23.00
Good, consistent with age
Physical description:
Parchment : 4 sheets 58cm x 69cm with 4 wax seals and escutcheoned revenue stamps. A separate short note signed by two of the parties is also enclosed.
Summary of contents
Temple Hillgard Hicks Soanes of Crosby House, Bishopsgate Street, City of London, Colonial Broker
Thomas Scurr Womersley of Leytonstone, Essex, Esquire
Daniel Robert Scratton of Prittlewell Priory, Essex, Esquire
Browne Webb of 209 Blackfriars Road, Surrey, Grocer

The document begins by reciting the following
i. Indentures of Lease and Release of 1840 in which the property was sold to Daniel Robbert Scratton, John Baynton Scratton and his wife Harriett. This appears to be a complicated contract involving two trustees.

ii. John Baynton Scratton died in 1842.

iii. An Indenture of 1861 in which the trustees of (i) were replaced by Temple Soanes and Thomas Womersley.

iv. In 1844 Daniel Scratton was married to Maria but there has been no issue of the marriage.

The property in Prittlewell, Essex is now beign sold by the two trustees (Temple Soanes and Thomas Womersley) to Browne Webb for 6000. It is an enclosure of arable land totalling 62 acres bounded on the East and South by the roads leading from Prittlewell and Southend to Southchurch. It is part of the estate called Prittlewell Priory.

The final page of the indenture is a schedule of 'Deeds, Evidences and Writings' from 1746 to 1869 which relate to the title to the property. Many members of the Scratton family throughout that period are mentioned.