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Document Number:0502040
Title:Copy of Admission
Date:17 February 1818
For Sale:50.00
Parchment : 1 sheet 44cm x 32cm with escutcheoned revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Thomas Charles Medwin of Broadwater, Sussex, Gentleman
Thomas Richardson of Littlehampton, Sussex, Yeoman
George Moore of Northbersted, parish of Southbersted, Sussex, Yeoman
William Borrer (the younger) of Henfield, Sussex, Gentleman

William Borrer is buying property in Broadwater which consists of a messuage and 2 crofts totalling 2 acres, for which he is paying 1400. It seems that the property was owned by Thomas Richardson, but that George Moore had a mortgage on it.

This document is a record made for the Court of the Manor of Broadwater by Thomas Medwin, Steward of the Court. It is described as a "Copy of Admission", but since Thomas Medwin attests that it is a true copy, I presume that it must be nearly contemporary with the original.
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