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Document Number:0502039
Title:Appointment of Valuers
Date:30 September 1878
SOLD - transcription available: 14.00
Good, consistent with age
Physical description:
Parchment : 4 sheets 48cm x 29cm (3 sheets written on both sides and 1 cover sheet). The document is signed and dated but has no wax seals or duty stamps. ie. It is not a contract, but begins "To all to whom these presents shall come.....".
Summary of contents
James Ashton Penketh of St Helens, Lancashire, Joiner and Builder (d.1864)

The document begins by reciting the will of James Ashton Penketh in which he left his property to his wife Phoebe and his children. He died in 1864 leaving children: James Penketh, Betsy Allen Swift, Mary Ellen Lyon, Emily Penketh and Anne Jane Penketh. His executors were Phoebe Penketh and John Harrison.

Anne Jane Penketh died while still a minor, and Phoebe Penketh died in 1878. The remaining members of the family are now appointing values for the residue of the property left under the will.

The property consists of:

1) 12 freehold messuages in Oldfield Street and Albion Street, St Helens.
2) 6 freehold messuages in Peel Street, Cowley Hill, St Helens.
3) 5 leasehold messuages in Claughton Street, St Helens.
5) A leasehold messuage and timber yard in Cotham Street, St Helens.
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