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Document Number:0502024
Date:23 March 1867
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Parchment : 1 sheet 59cm x 73cm with 1 wax seal, 1 signature and revenue stamp
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John FOXON of Leicester, Leicestershire, formerly a hairdresser but now a brickmaker.
Thomas WITHERS of Leicester, Leicestershire. Gentleman.

John Foxon is mortgaging property in Leicester to Thomas Withers for 300. It consists of 5 dwelling houses in Wheat Street in the Parish of St Margaret.

The wording of the Indenture is unusual in that John Foxon does not own the freehold to the property. Somehow, by virtue of an Indenture of 1845, he has the "power and authority" to "appoint that the dwellinghouses hereinafter described shall henceforth be to the use hereinafter expressed ". It sounds as though the property is held by a trustee for the benefit of John Foxon.