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Document Number:0502022
Date:05 April 1809
SOLD - transcription available: 10.00
Good, consistent with age
Physical description:
Parchment : 1 sheet 67cm x 79cm with 2 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents
John KIRK of Cossington Mill, Parish of Cossington, Leicestershire. Miller.
Robert CARVER of Primethorpe, Parish of Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. Gentleman.
John VINCENT of Sutton, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. Labourer.
Thomas HUDSON of Harborough, Leicestershire. Farmer.

John Vincent is buying property at Sutton in the Parish of Broughton Astley from John Kirk for 191/5/-d. It consists of a three-quarter share in a messuage, close of 2 acres and one other cottage.

We are told that the property came into the hands of John Kirk in 1807 at which time Robert Carver appears to have acted as a trustee on his behalf. Thomas Hudson is now acting as a trustee for John Vincent and plays little real part.

This is the second part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release since we are told of a Lease for a Year having been made the previous day.