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Document Number:0502016
Title:Lease for a Year
Date:07 February 1837
For Sale:42.00
The ink is somewhat faded but still completely legible. Otherwise good for its age.
Parchment : 1 sheet 38cm x 56cm with 3 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Thomas Marwood of Whitby, Yorkshire. Shipowner
Thomas Pickernell of Whitby, Yorkshire. Engineer
Thomas Langdale (deceased) late of Whitby, Yorkshire. Gentleman
John Marwood of Whitby, Yorkshire. Shipowner

This is a Lease for a Year which represents the first part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release.

John Marwood is buying a dwelling house in the township of Ruswarp, Whitby from Thomas Marwood and Thomas Pickernell. We are told that these two are acting as executors of the will of Thomas Langdale.
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