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Document Number:0502006
Date:24 February 1795
For Sale:80.00
Very good for its age
Parchment : 1 sheet 82cm x 90cm 3 red wax seals with signatures and embossed stamp.
Summary of contents:
William ATKINS of Southward Street, London. Carver and Guilder.
Rowland WIMBURN of Chancery Lane, Middlesex. Gentleman.
Henry MADDOCK of Lincoln Inn, Middlesex. Gentleman.
Robert MANSER of Hertford, Hertfordshire. Gentleman.

William Atkins is selling property in Little Amwell to Robert Manser for 1600. The property consists of about 11 parcels of land, all apparently in the Liberty of Little Amwell, near Hertford Heath.

Earlier Indentures of 1793 and 1795 are recited in which William Atkins acquired this property. Most was bought in 1793 in a contract where Rowland Wimburn appears to have acted as some sort of Trustee. The Indenture of 1795 only involved an area of woodland and involved Henry Maddock as a Trustee.

The two Trustees are referred to in this Indenture but they play little real part.
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