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Document Number:0502004
Title:Copy of Lease
Date:01 August 1854
For Sale:30.00
Good, consistent with age The first sheet has 2 very small holes at the corners of the folds.
Paper : 5 pages and cover sheet 41cm x 33cm. This is a copy of an original dated 01/08/1854, but a signed receipt on the cover sheet dated 15/09/1854 implies that it is contemporary with the original.
Summary of contents:
Wilbraham Egerton of Tatton Park, Chester. Esquire.
Samuel Alderley of Withington, Lancashire. Farmer.
Samuel Lomax of Withington, Lancashire. Farmer.

Wilbraham Egerton gives a lease on property in Withington, Lancashire to the other 2 parties for a term of 7 years at a rent of 490 per annum.

The property consists of a 'messuage farm and tenement with several parcels of land' totalling 240 acres.

This lease includes many specific details such as that the lessees must purchase two hundred cartloads of good manure each year; they cannot sow more than 30 acres of wheat a year; they must keep any dog or hound as the owner may assign - and many more conditions.
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