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Document Number:0501141
Date:17 August 1832
For Sale:63.00
Good. Quite clean for its age.
Parchment : 1 sheet 69cm x 85cm with 3 wax seals and duty stamp.
Summary of contents:
John Hughes of Faversham, Kent. Butcher.
John Branford of Faversham, Kent. Baker.
James Shepherd of Faversham, Kent. Esquire.

The document begins by reciting indentures of Lease and Release of 1826 in which property in Faversham is conveyed to John Hughes.

John Hughes is now selling it to John Branford for 280. We are told there was a corresponding 'Lease for a Year' made on the previous day, so this is part of the conventional 'Lease and Release' contract. James Shepherd is some sort of trustee on the contract.

The property is a messuage in the Town and Liberty of Faversham on the North side of West Street and abutting on Water Lane to the East.
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