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Document Number:0501129
Date:21 August 1893
Good, consistent with age
Physical description:
Parchment : 1 sheet 55cm x 34cm with wax seals and duty stamps.
Summary of contents
The Leeds Provincial Building Society
Adah Grimshaw, the wife of Charles Vincent Grimshaw of Woodhall Road, Calverley, Yorkshire. Cloth Merchant.
Charles Higgins (of Calverley, Yorkshire - presumed).


The document begins by reciting an indenture of 1860 in which land in Woodhall Road, Calverley, was leased to Charles Higgins for 999 years at a rent of 3/8/-d per annum. Then, in 1865, Charles Higgins appears to have mortgaged the property to Samuel Gray for 140. In 1869 the mortgage was transferred to a Leeds Provincial Building Society, followed by further charges totalling 155 in 1869, another 93 in 1878.

It appears that Charles Higgins has since defaulted in the mortgage repayments and the Leeds Building Society is now selling the residue of the lease to Adah Grimshaw for 400.

The property contains 416 square yards, and in 1860 the lease was granted with power to build 2 messuages.
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