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Document Number:0501126
Date:26 November 1861
For Sale:66.00
Parchment : 2 sheets 57cm x 74cm with 5 wax seals and duty stamps
Summary of contents:
Joseph Wright Bishop (late of Sheffield) now of Ripon, Yorkshire. Corn Factor.
Thomas Creswick of Eccleshall, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Gentleman.
George Hounsfield of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Merchant.
(Thomas Creswick and George Hounsfield are acting as Trustees of the Sheffield and Rotherham Banking Company)
John Beeley (the elder) of Laneham, Nottinghamshire. Maltster.
John Beeley (the younger) of Laneham, Nottinghamshire. Maltster.

The document begins by reciting that an 800 year lease was granted to John Millington in 1851 on a plot of land on the corner of Wilkinson Street and Porter Road, Sheffield. In 1856, John Millington assigned the residue of the lease to Joseph Bishop who gave a second mortgage on it to the Sheffield and Rotherham Bank.

At the time of the indenture, Joseph Bishop appears to owe the bank 261/9/5d and also owes the Messrs Beeley 600.

Joseph Bishop is now assigning the residue of the lease to the Messrs Beeley in settlement of both of these debts.

NB The houses built on the plot were later known (by 1938) as numbers 33 and 35 Wilkinson Street and number 1 Filey Street.
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