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Document Number:0501122
Date:25 September 1872
For Sale:60.00
Parchment : 2 sheets 57cm x 74cm with 7 wax seals and duty stamps.
Summary of contents:
Thomas Watson CADMAN of Ballifield Hall, Handsworth, Yorkshire. Esquire.
Walter MARSH of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Esquire.
John Bower BROWN of Woodthorpe Hall, Handsworth, Yorkshire. Esquire.
William COCKAYNE of Thorpe House, Norton Lees, Derbyshire. Gentleman.
George Allen BOWER of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Pawnbroker.
Thomas MARSHALL of Storrs, Chapelry of Bradfield, Yorkshire. Fire Brick Manufacturer.
Mark Thomas HUBIE of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Law Student.
(NB John Brown and William Cockayne are acting as Trustees for the Sheffield and Hallamshire Banking Company).

The document begins by reciting an Indenture of 1851 in which John Millington obtained an 800 year lease on property on the corner of Wilkinson Street and Porter Road, Sheffield. This lease has since passed to George Allen Bower who, in 1871, mortgaged it for 2,400 to Thomas Cadman and Walter Marsh. Then, in 1872, he appears to have given a second mortgage on it to the Sheffield and Hallamshire Bank.

George Bower now still owes 168 to Thomas Cadman and Walter Marsh and 1,338 to the Bank. He is now selling the residue of the lease to Mark Hubie for 1,165. From this, the mortgage to Thomas Cadman and Walter Marsh will be paid off, and 996 repaid to the Bank. The Bank appears to have accepted this in complete settlement.

NB The houses built on the plot were later known (by 1938) as numbers 33 and 35 Wilkinson Street and number 1 Filey Street).
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