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Document Number:0501121
Title:Transfer of Mortgage
Date:13 November 1896
For Sale:43.00
Good, consistent with age
Parchment : 2 sheets 40cm x 27cm with 10 wax seals and duty stamps. Includes two copies of a related solicitor's letter.
Summary of contents:

Sir Henry Stephenson of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Knight.
Henry Joseph Wilson MP of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Gold & Silver Refiner.
John Daniel Leader of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Retired Newspaper Proprietor.
Jarvis William Barber of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Chartered Accountant.
John Newton Coombe of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Solicitor.
Samuel Gray Richardson of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Cutlery Manufacturer.
Thomas William Holmes of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Congregational Minister.
Edward Wilfred Pye-Smith of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Solicitor.
Jonathan Barber of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Solicitor.
John Francis Moss of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Clerk to the Sheffield School Board.
Charles Barford Hobbis of 41 Norfolk Street., Sheffield, Yorkshire.

The indenture relates to a mortgage which is secured on an 800 year lease of property on the corner of Wilkinson Street and Filey Street, Eccleshall, Bierlow, Sheffield. 750 was borrowed from a group of 8 investors in 1885, several of whom have since died. The 750 is still owing and the 4 survivors of the original group (Stephenson.....Jonathan Barber) are now being joined by 6 new investors. The mortgage is being transferred to all 10. The solicitor's letter(s) are to inform Charles Hobbis (a trustee currently holding the property lease) of the change.

NB The houses built on the plot were later known (by 1938) as Nos 33 and 35 Wilkinson Street and No 1 Filey Street.
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