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Document Number:0501118
Date:07 November 1867
For Sale:60.00
Average. Generally very clean but one area of about 10cm diameter shows signs of possible liquid spillage. Does not affect legibility.
Parchment : 3 sheets 59cm x 75cm With 4 wax seals and duty stamps
Summary of contents:
Thomas WILTSHIRE of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Surgeon.
John BEELEY (the elder) of Laneham, Nottinghamshire. Maltster.
John BEELEY (the younger) of Laneham, Nottinghamshire. Maltster.
George Allen BOWER of Sheffield, Yorkshire. Pawnbroker.

The Indenture concerns property on the corner of Wilkinson Street and Porter Street, Sheffield. The first page and a bit of the document is devoted to reciting previous contracts as follows:

In 1851 John Millington obtained an 800 year lease on this property and then mortgaged it for 700 to Rev William Cartledge in 1852. William Cartledge transferred the mortgage to William Tinsley in 1861 who then died in 1867 having appointed Thomas Wiltshire as his executor, The 700 is still owing.

Meanwhile, the residue of the 800 year lease had passed to the two Messrs Beeley in 1861. These latter gave a 5 year lease on a house at No 9 Wilkinson Street to William Symonds in 1865. (NB there are 3 houses on the plot in total).

George Bower is now buying the residue of the lease from Messrs Beeley for 1000, of which 700 will pay off the debt to Thomas Wiltshire.

(NB the houses built on the plot were later known (by 1938) as Nos 33 and 35 Wilkinson Street and No 1 Filey Street).
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