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Document Number:0501109
Title:Copy Deed of Settlement
Date:22 April 1749
For Sale:48.00
Fair. Completely clear and legible but with a small tear approximately 1.5 cm long at the intersection of the folds in the middle of each page.
Paper : 5 sheets plus cover page. 40cm x 32cm. This is a copy of a Deed of Settlement, of which the original is dated 22/04/1749. The copy has a signed note that it was examined on 22/02/1789. So, presumably, the copy was made on or before that date.
Summary of contents:
Isabella Ludlam of Leicester, Leicestershire. Spinster.
William Lee of Leicester, Leicestershire. Alderman.
Joseph Bunney of Leicester, Leicestershire. Hosier.
Rev Gerrard Andrews of Leicester, Leicestershire.

A marriage settlement relating to the intended marriage of Isabella Ludlam and the Rev Andrews. William Lee and Joseph Bunney are the trustees of the settlement. (We are told that Isabella Ludlam is the daughter of the late Thomas Ludlam).

The property in the settlement is:

1 A messuage in the Parish of Saint Martin, Borough of Leicester, in a street known as the Saturday Market.

2 An orchard or garden in St Martin, Leicester, on the North side of Cow Lane.

3. Three closes near the Abbey Meadow in St Martin, Leicester, known as Billers Leroes or Mr Ludlam's Leroes(?) totalling 6 acres.
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