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Document Number:0501101
Title:Dissolution - Partnership
Date:28 March 1894
SOLD - transcription available: 8.00
Good consistent with age
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Parchment : 2 sheets 45 cm x 30cm with 2 wax seals and duty stamps
Summary of contents
Arnold CHIPPERFIELD of Brighton, Sussex. Mercer and Linen Draper
John BUTLER of Brighton, Sussex. Mercer and Linen Draper.

We are told that the two parties have been partners in business for some years but that Arnold Chipperfield is now retiring. The partnership is to be dissolved but John Butler will continue trading.

John Butler has to pay Arnold Chipperfield 31,584/16/7d of which he pays 2,500 immediately, and the balance over 3 years. It appears that the business operated from Numbers 74, 75 and 76 Western Road, Brighton, and that the business owned the freehold to this property.

Included with this document is an earlier version of it which appears identical but contained many insertions and corrections. This earlier version appears to have been signed by both partners and stamped, but the revenue stamp was then cut off, presumably to invalidate it.