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Document Number:0501100
Title:Lease and Release
Date:08 January 1841
SOLD - transcription available: 25.00
Good consistent with age
Physical description:
Parchment : 4 sheets 69cm x 77cm with 7 wax seals, 7 signatures and revenue stamps. This is made up of a Lease for a Year (1 sheet) and a Release (3 sheets) bound together at the bottom edge.
Summary of contents
John Wood HASLEHURST of Wilderspool, Cheshire. Esquire.
James FENTON of Crimble, Lancashire., Woollen Manufacturer.
Thomas GREENALL of Wilderspool, Cheshire. Brewer.
John KYLE of Henbury Hall, Cheshire. Esquire.
Thomas Kyle DAINTRY of North Rode, Cheshire. Esquire.

The document recites that John Wood Haslehurst (the father of the one who is party to this indenture) died in 1825 leaving a Will in which his property was to be divided between his two sons, John Wood and Richard Kay Haslehurst. He appointed James Fenton and Thomas Greenall as his Executors.

It tells us that in 1819 John Haslehurst (the elder) lent 1,800 on a mortgage of property in Macclesfield. This debt has since been reduced to 745 and John Haslehurst (the younger) and the two Executors are exercising their power to sell the property on which the mortgage is secured. They are selling it by this contract of Lease and Release to John Kyle for 745.

The property consists of two parcels of land totalling 3 acres, formerly part of Macclesfield Common. The larger parcel is known as the Cottage Field and contains a dwellinghouse with stables and outbuildings.,

Note that Thomas Daintry appears to act only as some sort of Trustee and plays little real part.