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Document Number:0501098
Title:Duplicate Demise
Date:30 June 1838
SOLD - transcription available: 10.00
Good, consistent with age. A number of words on the document have been scratched out but this is presumably original.
Physical description:
Parchment : 1 sheet 61cm x 76cm with 4 wax seals and duty stamp. Includes small plan of property in the margin.
Summary of contents
John Frederick Lees of Werneth, Oldham, Lancashire. Esquire
George Lees of Werneth, Oldham, Lancashire. Esquire.
Jonathan Wood of Oldham, Lancashire. Book Keeper.
(It seems that originally there was the intention to have a fourth party to the contract, but this is the bit scratched out).

Jonathan Wood obtains a lease for 950 years from John and George Lees at a rent of 5/18/3d (five pounds eighteen shillings and three pence).

The property contains 473 square yards and is on the West side of Wood Street, Oldham, close to Clitheroe Street. Jonathan Wood undertakes to build one or more 'good firm and substantial dwelling houses' to be of the 'clear yearly value of 12'.

We are told that the property is part of a larger plot leased to John Lees for 999 years, but this land is now vested in John Lees and George Lees in equal moieties.