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Document Number:0501086
Date:07 November 1862
For Sale:55.00
Good. Very clean and neatly folded. Some ink slightly faded, but still entirely legible.
Parchment : 1 sheet 54cm x 74cm with 2 wax seals and escutcheoned revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
James WALKER of Leeds, Yorkshire, Maltster
Ezra FOSTER of Morley, Parish of Botley, Yorkshire, Mule spinner

The document begins by reciting an indenture of 1862 in which William Middleton sold property to Ezra Foster, but apparently with a loan from James Walker for which the property was security. Ezra Foster failed to repay the loan when due, but has since done so, and now James Walker is reconveying the property to Ezra Foster.

The loan was for 400 and the property was in Morley. It was part of close called the Upper Croft and contained 134 sq. yds. It was bounded on the West side by the highway from Troy Hill to Stump Cross.
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