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Document Number:0501085
Title:Deed of Gift
Date:01 March 1850
For Sale:65.00
Good. Very clean and neatly folded.
Parchment : 1 sheet 58cm x 77cm with one wax seal and duty stamp.
Summary of contents:
William Carr Thornton of Cleckheaton, Parish of Birstall, Yorkshire, Machine Maker.
Susannah (nee Thornton) wife of William Shepherd of Cleckheaton, Birstall, Yorkshire.

We are told that William Thornton is the eldest son, and Susannah is a daughter of John and Rachael Thornton, (both deceased), of Cleckheaton. John died first leaving Rachael as his devizee, and then Rachael has died intestate so that William as the oldest son inherits everything.

William is now making a gift to Susannah of a plot of land called 'The Top Butts' or the 'Toft Butts' in Cleckheaton.
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