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Document Number:0501081
Date:02 August 1729
For Sale:90.00
Very good for is age. Usual discolouration and somewhat stiff to unfold.
Parchment : 1 sheet 42cm x 71cm with 5 wax seals and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Henry HALL the elder of Starrington, Nottinghamshire. Yeoman.
Mathew HALL of Starrington, Nottinghamshire. Singleman. (Grandson of Henry Hall the elder)
Anne FAULKES of Grandby, Nottinghamshire. Spinster.
Robert HOWE of Langar, Nottinghamshire. Yeoman.
Henry HALL the younger of Starrington, Nottinghamshire. Yeoman. (Son of Henry Hall the elder).

This is a settlement made by Henry Hall the elder for the benefit of Anne Faulkes in anticipation of her intended marriage to Matthew Hall.

Accordingly Henry Hall the elder is transferring property to Robert Howe and Henry Hall the younger acting as Trustees. The property is to the use of Henry Hall the elder until the marriage takes place, then to Matthew Hall for his lifetime, then to Ann Faulkes.

The property consists of a cottage with 2.5 acres of land known by the names of Hunhole (?) Close and Four Leyes (?).
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