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Document Number:0501054
Title:Copy of Will and Probate
Date:06 April 1715
For Sale:30.00
Poor. Dog-eared at the edges and with a hole at the intersection of the folds in the centre of each page, but still entirely legible.
Paper : 6 sheets 31cm x 20cm written on 9 sides
Summary of contents:
Henry Youngs of Norwich, Norfolk, Hosier

Sarah Youngs (his wife)
Ann Youngs (his daughter)
Daniel Youngs (his son)
Florence, the wife of John Smith (a daughter)
Henry Youngs (a son)
Sarah Barnby (a granddaughter)
Daniel Shanke (brother-in-law)
Elizabeth Claborne (servant)
(other daughters mentioned are Sarah, Elizabeth, Susann, Esther and Rebecca)

John Youngs of Norwich, Norfolk, worsted weaver
Robert Marsh of Norwich, Norfolk, worsted weaver

This is a manuscript copy of the will and probate as extracted from the registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. I can't tell when the copy was made, but I would guess Victorian. The condition of the paper makes it look older, but the handwriting is relatively modern. It has impressed duty stamps which might help to date it.

His property is left to his wife for her lifetime and then to his children. The property appears to consist of an unspecified number of houses in the parish of St Peter Hungate, Norwich.
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