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Document Number:0412132
Title:Court document
Date:27 December 1817
For Sale:50.00
Fair. This has a fine cut about 2cm long across the centre fold, and a smaller hole at the corner of two folds. These do not detract from legibility or appearance.
Parchment : 1 sheet 37cm x 53cm with duty stamp.
Summary of contents:
Thomas Bulcock of Coln, Lancashire, Tailor.
Thomas Smith of Coln, Lancashire, Calico manufacturer.
Sarah Bulcock, wife of Thomas Bulcock.
Thomas Carr of Coln, Lancashire, Gentleman

Property knows as No 4 Lister Street and No 16 King Street in Windy Bank, Coln. Thomas and Sarah Bulock are surrendering their property which has been bought by Thomas Smith for 170/10/-. It is noted that Sarah Bulcock has been separately and secretly examined by the Steward of the Court to ascertain that she agrees of her own free will.

Thomas Carr is Steward of the Manor of Coln, and the 'Lord' of the Manor is Elizabeth Dowager Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensberry.
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