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Document Number:0412121
Title:Draft of Mortgage
Date:20 March 1863
For Sale:20.00
Good, consistent with age
Paper : 6 sheets 40cm x 25cm. This looks as if it is a draft of an indenture of mortgage.
Summary of contents:
John Daynes Eagling of Southbergh, Norfolk, Farmer
Edward Palmer Clarke of Wymondham, Norfolk, Gentleman
John Eagling is borrowing 100 from Edward Clarke on security of property in Hingham, Norfolk, next to the highway from Hingham to Deopham. The document tells us that this property formerly belonged to John Daynes of Southbergh who died in 1811 leaving it to his daughter Sarah, the wife of Anthony Eagling. From there is passed to Sarah's son John Eagling.

[ This appears to be only a draft, but notes on the cover indicate that the contract was completed. ]
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