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Document Number:0412119
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:22 November 1765
For Sale:90.00
Fair. Small hole on the outer sheet and 2cm tear on the second sheet. Otherwise complete, legible throughout and good for a paper document of this age.
Paper : 8 pages 39cm x 26cm written on both sides
Summary of contents:
DESCRIPTION: This is a draft of the Court Roll of the Manor of Tunstead in Norfolk. It records seven separate events which, apart from relating to the Manor of Tunstead, have no other connection with each other. There is considerable detail on each event, of which the following is a very brief summary of people and places.

Leonard NAPER of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Esquire. And PRISCA his wife.
Edmund WATTS (deceased) of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Ironmonger.
Robert FERRIER of Thurlton, Norfolk. Esquire.

Leonard and Prisca Naper are mortgaging a messuage with 13 acres to Robert Ferrier for 700. We are told that Prisca Naper inherited the property from her father, Edmund Watts, who was the son of JAMES WATTS

Robert GOBBETT of Tunstead, Norfolk, Labourer and SARAH his wife.
John HUNT of Horstead, Norfolk, Yeoman.

Robert and Sarah GOBBETT are remortgaging property to John HUNT for 20/10/-d.

3. Joseph SMITH is an infant, aged 8, the only son of Joseph SMITH who has recently died. He is represented by Henry SMITH, Gentleman, his attorney, and is being admitted to 2 acres of copyhold land with a tenement built on it in Colteshall, at a place called Potspurnhole (?).

4. Bridget LINCOLNE of Tunstead, Norfolk, Widow of Martin LINCOLNE.
Martin LINCOLNE had been admitted to copyhold lands in Tunstead in 1740. He wrote a will in 1764 leaving them to his wife Bridget during her lifetime and she is now being admitted to that property.

5. Sarah NEWELL of Tunstead, Norfolk, Widow (deceased)
Robert WENN of Tunstead, Norfolk.
William WENN of Tunstead, Norfolk.
Richard WENN of Tunstead, Norfolk.

Sarah NEWELL has recently died and is leaving her property to her two nephews, Robert and William WENN, and to the children of another deceased nephew, Richard WENN, and his wife HANNAH. Sarah was the widow of William NEWELL who had been admitted to the property in 1727. The property consists of a tenement with 5 roods of land and another parcel of 7 roods of land.

Two more actions immediately follow involving Robert WENN. First he surrenders his property to the use of his Will, and then he mortgages it for 5 to Edward COLMAN of Tunstead, Yeoman.

6. William CURTIS of Tunstead, Norfolk. Yeoman.
John BAMBRIDGE of Tunstead, Norfolk. Carpenter.

William CURTIS appears to have sold some copyhold property to John BAMBRIDGE. Accordingly, William CURTIS is surrendering it to the Lord of the Manor and John BAMBRIDGE is being admitted to it. The property consists of a messuage with one rood of land abutting on Market Street to the West. William CURTIS appears to have acquired the property in 1736.

7. Mary GRANT of Colteshall, Norfolk. (Widow of James GRANT).
James GRANT of Tunstead, Norfolk. (Deceased).
Richard JOHNSON of Tunstead, Norfolk. Yeoman.
Benjamin MARLER of Tunstead, Norfolk. Yeoman.
Sarah MARLER of Tunstead, Norfolk.

We are told that in 1753 James GRANT held copyhold land in Tunstead, but when he died in 1763 no one claimed it. Now, Richard JOHNSON and Benjamin MARLER have brought an extract from the Will of James GRANT in which he appointed MARY (his wife) and Arthur COLEMAN (his brother in law) as Executors. Mary GRANT has since sold the property to Richard JOHNSON and Benjamin MARLER who are acting as Trustees on behalf of Sarah MARLER, the daughter in law of Benjamin.

Richard JOHNSON and Benjamin MARLER are now being admitted to the property holding it in trust to the use of Sarah MARLER and her five children, BENJAMIN, MARY, AMY, MARTHA and ELIZABETH. The property is a house with 14 perches of land in Scoruston (?) which had been acquired by James Grant in 1759.

8. John MANDAL of Worstead, Norfolk Miller.

John MANDAL is given a license to erect a Windmill on the Lord's Waste at Waller's Green and to enclose 1 acre of land around it.

The record of General Court also adds various notes regarding appointment of constables, reeves and collectors for the coming year.

* * * * * * * * * * * * THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS A WEALTH OF DETAIL ABOUT THE AFFAIRS OF THE MANOR OF TUNSTEAD. Please note that the handwriting is not very modern and contains many abbreviations. It may present quite a challenge to anyone unfamiliar with documents of this period * * * * * * * * * * * *
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