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Document Number:0412114
Date:05 January 1822
For Sale:75.00
Somewhat grubby on the outside as folded but clean and legible throughout on the inside
Parchment : 3 sheets 63cm x 78cm with 8 wax seals signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Thomas Wynniatt of Stanton, Gloucestershire. Esquire.
The Rev Reginald Wynniatt the younger, late of Walcot, Somerset; now of Guiting Grange, Gloucestershire;
and Catherine his wife (formerly Catherine Brydges)
The Rev James Lee Warner of Little Walsingham, Norfolk.
The Rev Richard Walwyn of Holm Lacy, Herefordshire.
Daniel Henry Lee Warner of Boxwell, Gloucestershire. Esquire;
and Ann his wife (formerly Ann Brydges)
Ann Scrope of Walcot, Somerset, Widow; (formerly Ann Brydges, widow of Francis William Thomas Brydges of Tibbeton Court, Herefordshire (deceased) - the father of Catherine Wynniatt and Ann Lee Warner).
Sarah Pidgeon of Madley, Herefordshire. Widow.

Sarah Pidgeon is buying property in Madley, Herefordshire, for a total of 217. It consists of two cottages and a parcel of land of 3 roods, all adjoining the turnpike road from Peterchurch to Hereford.

It appears that this property had been left by Francis Brydges in equal halves to his two daughters who are now Catherine Wynniatt and Ann Warner. The purchase of both shares of the property is contained in the one document. It seems that Thomas Wynniatt holds one half in trust for Reginald and Catherine Wynniatt, while James Warner and Richard Walwyn hold the other half in trust for Daniel and Ann Warner.

Presumably, Ann Scrope is a party to the contract to indicate that she will not claim right of dower in the property.

There is a Schedule listing deeds which relate to this property from 1785 onwards.
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