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Document Number:0412101
Date:26 November 1779
For Sale:120.00
Excellent condition for its age with the exception of a discoloured area (caused by heat?) in the middle of one sheet.
Parchment : 3 sheets 68cm x 58cm with 4 wax seals signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
James Hatch of Old Ford, Middlesex. Malt Distiller
Wilhelmina Caroline Hatch, the wife of James Hatch, formerly Wilhelmina Caroline Addington
Matthias Rogers of Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, Gentleman (deceased)
William Tolbutt of Stratford, Essex. Surgeon
Stevens Totton of Spital Square, Middlesex, Gentleman

The brief note written on the cover says 'Deed to make a Tenant in order to suffer a recovery of premises'.

We are told that Wilhelmina Addington was the only child of William Addington, late of Southampton but then of Middlesex (deceased) who was the nephew of Matthias Rogers of Buckingham. The Indenture concerns property in Buckingham which appears to have come into the hands of Wilhelmina Hatch through Matthias Rogers. It is being sold by H James and Wilhelmina Hatch to Stevens Totton for 10 shillings.

We are told that this is a legal device "for the docking barring destroying and extinguishing all Estates Tail". The legal procedure involved is spelt out in great detail involving a fine at the court of common pleas after which William Tolbutt will sue for a writ of Entry from the court of chancery. This writ will fail because the witnesses "shall make default and depart in contempt of the court". In this way a "good and perfect common recovery" is obtained.

The list of property involved in this contract is as follows:

1. Capital messuage in West Street, Buckingham, with malt kiln, dove house, wheathouse and orchards
2. Cottage adjoining the brewhouse
3. Messuage formerly part of the capital messuage
4. 3 acre close called Home Chase
5. 4 acre close called Cow Pasture Close
6. 2 acre close called Pitt Close
7. Arable land called Ten Acre Piece
8. 5 acre close called Green's Close
9. 6 messuages in West Street
10. 4 messuages with stable in Rumball's Lane
11. Messuage called Hicks(?) Hall in Castle Street
12. Messuage in Well Street
13. Inn called The Cross Keys
10. 4 messuages with
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