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Document Number:0412094
Title:Marriage Settlement
Date:02 July 1873
For Sale:25.00
Poor. The document has been damaged by water along one side but remains entirely legible.
Parchment : 6 sheets 45cm x 27cm with a total of 10 wax seals, 10 signatures and revenue stamps. Includes a second Indenture of 1899 added on the final sheet.
Summary of contents:
PARTIES - to the main 1873 Indenture

James KELLY the Younger of Yeovil, Somerset. Gentleman.
Amy HYDE of Stanchester Cottage, Parish of Drayton, Somerset. Spinster.
John LOUCH of Langport, Somerset. Gentleman.
John TOWN of 22 Springfield Mount, Leeds, Yorkshire. Gentleman.

ADDITIONAL PARTIES to the 1899 Indenture

William Stephen Mitchell FLETCHER of Stoke Bishop, Gloucestershire. Bank Cashier.
John Marsh TEMPLEMAN of Exeter, Devon. Bank Clerk.

The main Indenture is a settlement made prior to the marriage of James Kelly and Amy Hyde. James Kelly has taken out life insurance for 1000 with any benefits to be paid to John Louch and John Town as trustees in trust for Amy Hyde or any children of the marriage.

In the 1899 Indenture the original trustees are being replaced by William Fletcher and John Templeman. We are told that bonuses of 520 have been received from the life insurance company and are invested in mortgages.

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