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Document Number:0412064
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:27 November 1846
For Sale:55.00
Very good. The ink is slightly faded but remains easily legible throughout.
Parchment : 1 sheet 56cm x 46cm signed by the Steward of the Manor and with revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
William Hugh DENNETT of Worthing, Sussex. Gentleman.
Thomas MOORE of Worthing, Sussex. Baker.
William WHITTER of Worthing, Sussex, Steward of the Manor of Worthing.

This is the record of a Special Court Baron of the Manor of Worthing. It begins by telling us that in 1829 Thomas Moore mortgaged copyhold property in Worthing, Sussex to William Dennett for 500. Then in 1830 the mortgage was assigned to William Whitter who has since died (his will was proved in 1839).

The mortgage has not been repaid on the appointed day and William Dennett is now being admitted to the property. The admission is "upon the trusts of the said will of the said William Whitter deceased". (So presumably the property will end up in the hands of the executors of William Whitter; we are told that these are Ann Whitter, his wife, William Whitter of Worthing, Esquire and Sir Henry Charles Blake of Great Barton, Suffolk, Baronet.)

The property is part of a copyhold estate called Dukes in Worthing. It is bounded on the North by Warwick Street and on the East partly by Wine vaults and partly by the Wesleyan Chapel. It includes Coachhouses, Stables and other buildings.
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