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Document Number:0412043
Date:02 August 1873
For Sale:40.00
Good, constant with age. At some time it has been badly folded and is more than usually creased.
Parchment 45cm x 29cm 2 sheets, with 5 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
John SIMSON St John's Villas, Lewisham High Road, Deptford in the County of Kent. Gentleman.
Sophia SIMSON, daughter of John SIMSON
Albert Alfred TINDALL of number 20 King William Street, Strand in the County of Middlesex. Gentleman.
Thomas SIMSON of The Laurels, Eltham in the County of of Middlesex. Gentleman.
Daniel NORTON of Grove Road, Wanstead in the County of Essex. Gentleman.

This is a settlement made in anticipation of the intended marriage of Sophia Simson with Albert Alfred Tindall.

Accordingly John Simson is transferring 2000 of Ordinary Stock of the Surrey Commercial Dock Company to Thomas Simson and Daniel Norton who are the trustees of the settlement.
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