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Document Number:0412035
Date:01 June 1863
For Sale:45.00
Fair. Has one large stain or patch of discoloration, but this does not affect legibility.
Parchment : 1 sheet 59cm x 74cm with 4 wax seals, duty stamp and small plan of property in margin.
Summary of contents:
Michael Pearson of Golden Square, Middlesex, Esquire.
Henry Fellows of Beeston, Nottingham, Esquire.
James Harman of 136 and 138 St John Road, Hoxton, Middlesex, Ironmonger.
Thomas King Dewell of 13 Cowper Street, City Road, Middlesex, Builder.
James Edward Bedingham of 4 Aske Terrace, Bevendon Street, East Road, Hoxton, Middlesex, Warehouseman.

Michael and Henry Fellows give a lease to James Bedingham on property at 53 Harman Street, Parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex for 80 years for 355 and at a rent of 5/15/-d. per annum.

This property was part of a larger area belonging to the trustees of the will of a Mrs Fellows The buildings on the property were erected by Thomas King Dewell. The lease is made 'at the request and by the direction of James Harman' but it isn't made clear why he comes into it. I am guessing that Michael Pearson and Henry Fellows are the executors or trustees of Mrs Fellows.
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