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Document Number:0412029
Date:06 June 1811
For Sale:89.00
Good, consistent with age
Parchment : 5 sheets 59cm x 73cm with 5 wax seals and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Richard Dickinson of Liverpool, Lancashire, Bookkeeper.
Peter Ellis of Liverpool, Lancashire, Merchant.
Thomas Milne of Cliffhill, Halifax, Yorkshire, Wine Merchant.
William Byron of Liverpool, Lancashire, Architect.
James Murrow of Liverpool, Lancashire, Gentleman.
George Farrar of Liverpool, Lancashire, Merchant.

Also relevant is Thomas Eccleston of Scarisbrick, Lancashire (d.1809)

This is the second part of a contract of sale by Lease and Release The effect is that Richard Dickinson and Peter Ellis are selling property in Eccleston, Lancashire to Thomas Milne and William Byron. George Farrar comes into it as a trustee appointed by Milne and Byrom.

The Release was for a consideration of 5200 and concerns a property is known as Williamsons in Eccleston. It consists of several parcels of land known by the names of The Meadow, The Outlet, The Knob(?) Hey, The Further Meadow, The Milling Hey, The Croft, The Clover Heys A and B, The Slutch(?), Pit Hey, The Nearer Hey and The Further Heys A and B. Total 12 acres. Also part of several closes of land, parts of Tyners Tenement called The Meadow of the Broad Hey and Clover Hey of 1 acre.

The document begins by reciting earlier Indentures of Lease and Release of January 1811 by which Dickinson and Ellis acquired the property. James Murrow comes into it as a result of having been a trustee in this indenture of 1811.

The indenture is more than usually long and complex and I haven't sorted it all out, but it is worth noting that several generations of the name Eccleston appear. The 1811 sale arose in the execution of the will of Thomas Eccleston of Scarisbrick, Lancs, following his death in 1809. There is also mention of Bazil Thomas Eccleson (his father) in an Indenture of 1771, and of another Thomas Eccleston, his eldest son and heir. We are told that this latter Thomas "under His Majesty's Royal sign manual assumed the surname of Scarisbrick'.

There is a memorandum written on the cover which mentions a subsequent Lease and Release in 1814 in which part of this property is sold to William Greenall of Hardshaw-within-Windle(?).
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