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Document Number:0411047
Date:25 March 1712
SOLD - transcription available: 8.00
Good, consistent with age. Writing is somewhat faded but is legible with a little perseverance.
Physical description:
Parchment : 1 sheet 28cm x 61 cm with 3 wax seals and duty stamp.
Summary of contents
Thomas Hearle of Penryn, Cornwall, Esquire.
Arthur Newman the elder of Falmouth, Cornwall, Merchant.
Arthur Newman the younger of Falmouth, Cornwall, Merchant.
John Millett of St Earth, Cornwall, Gentleman.

This appears to be the 'Release' portion of a standard 'Lease and Release' transaction since there is mention of a Lease for a Year made on the previous day. Thomas Hearle is releasing to John Millett property at the request and by the consent of Arthur Newman the elder and Arthur Newman the younger. The property is in East and West Polgreane (now Polgreen) in the Parish of Ludgvan Cornwall.