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Document Number:0411044
Title:Copy of Surrender
Date:30 April 1782
For Sale:35.00
Paper : 1 sheet 41cm x 32cm (the title on the back of the document says that it is a copy and I have no idea when the copy was made - but it looks to me as though it would easily date from 1782).
Summary of contents:
Benjamin Wiggett Savory of Aylsham Wood, Norfolk.
Edward Piggon of Aylsham Wood, Norfolk.
Robert Jorkell of Heydon, Norfolk. Shopkeeper.

This document appears to be a formality of the Manor of Aylsham Wood. Benjamin Savory, a customary tenant of the manor is surrendering his property in the manor 'into the hands of the lord of the manor' but at the same time transferring it to the use of Robert Jorkell. The document was prepared 'out of court' by Edward Piggon, also a customary tenant of the manor in the presence of two other tenants, James Cartier and Thomas Barnard, Witnesses.
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