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Document Number:0411043
Date:13 May 1847
SOLD - transcription available: 16.00
Good consistent with age. Just slightly grubbier than usual.
Physical description:
Parchment : large indenture of 2 sheets 62cm x 76cm with 3 wax seals and small plan in margin. Embossed stamp. Very small plan of property on front sheet.
Summary of contents
Thomas MORRIS of Wigan, Lancaster. Esquire
Robert WRIGHT of Wigan, Lancaster. Gentleman
Henry HOUGHTON of Saint Helens, Lancaster. Tailor
William Alexander BARRON of Wigan, Lancaster. Gentleman
Thomas ASHALL of Wigan. Coal Proprietor
Rigbye Baldwin RIGBYE Esquire

The document begins by reciting a long list of mortgages and other borrowings made by Rigbye Baldwin Rigbye. In summary these are :

1. 1828 Mortgage for 20,000 borrowed from Henry Gaskell. The property mortgaged appears to have had an annuity to Sarah Rigbye, Widow, secured on it.

2. 1829 A further loan of 5200 from Henry Gaskell

3. 1830 Mortgage of 2000 from William Caunce

4. 1831 Mortgage of 2000 from Edward Woodcock and Thomas Part.

At various dates between 1835 and 1839 the remaining sums outstanding on all these loans were transferred to Thomas Morris. In 1838 we are told that Rigbye Baldwin Rigbye owed 13806 to Thomas Morris and that over the next two years he borrowed further sums of 570 and 1000.

It now appears that Rigbye Baldwin Rigbye has defaulted on the debts and that Thomas Morris has power to sell the mortgaged property. That being sold to Henry Houghton in this indenture is plot of land of 15yds x 34yds in Saint Helens on the North side of Liverpool Street and East side of Hamer Street. This is sold for the sum of 103 (and so is presumably a small part of the total mortgaged property).

Note that Robert Wright, William Barron and Thomas Ashall appear to act only as Trustees in the transaction and play little real part.