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Document Number:0411041
Date:12 March 1866
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Physical description:
Parchment : 2 sheets 57cm x 70 cm 16 signatures with wax seals and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents
John GRAIMES of Prince Albert Street, Brighton Sussex. Straw Hat Manufacturer.
James TIDAY of number 1 Chapel Street, Worthing, Sussex. Labourer.
Frances TIDAY of number 1 Chapel Street, Worthing, Sussex. Spinster.
Daniel FRIEND of 73 London Road, Brighton, Sussex. Gentleman.
Eliza FRIEND wife of Daniel of 73 London Road, Brighton, Sussex. Gentleman.
Caroline GRAIMES of New England Street, Brighton, Sussex. Grocer.
Aleck ALLFREY of Woodmancote, Sussex. Gardener.
Frances ALLFREY of Woodmancote, Sussex. Wife of Aleck.
Richard GRAIMES of Jersey Street, Brighton, Sussex. Labourer.
David AGATE of Keymer, Brighton, Sussex. Farmer. (In right of Martha AGATE his late wife deceased).
Thomas GRAIMES of East Cowes, Isle of Wight. Shoemaker.
William BURCHELL of Petworth, Sussex. Labourer.
Martha CHANDLER of Rustington, Sussex. Widow of Moses CHANDLER.
William CHATFIELD of Rustington, Sussex. Carpenter.
Franker FOWLER of Poling, Sussex. Labourer.
James Alfred RAYWARD of Warninglid, Parish of Slangham, Sussex. Grocer.
John ANGUS of Horsham, Sussex. Draper.
James ANGUS of Horsham, Sussex. Draper.

The document begins by telling that James Burchell of Poynings, Sussex, died in 1858. He left all his copyhold and freehold estate to Frances, the wife of James Rayward of Slaugham, Sussex, subject to some specific bequests to:

1. John Graimes
2. James Tiday
3. Thomas Tiday
4. Eliza the wife of Daniel Friend of Preston

(1-4 are all the children of Sarah Tiday)

5. Caroline Graimes, Frances Aufrey, Richard Graimes, Martha Agate and Thomas Graimes ( 5 children of Richard Berry Graimes)
6. William Burchell ( his brother)
7. Martha the wife of Moses Chandler
8. William Chatfield
9. Frank Fowler
10. James Alfred Rayward

Frances Rayward and Timothy Graimes were his Executors.

James Rayward and his wife received the major part of the bequeathed property, then mortgaged it to John and James Angus, and subsequently defaulted on the mortgage. The object of this document is for all the beneficiaries to declare that they have received their bequests under the will, thereby leaving John and James Angus free to dispose of the property.