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Document Number:0411040
Title:Lease and Release
Date:22 March 1815
For Sale:95.00
The Release is a little grubby on the outside, but otherwise both are good for this age. The price is for both Indentures as these should not be split up.
2 Parchment documents : the Lease is 1 sheet 44cm 58cm with 5 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamp. Release is 3 sheets 59cm 76cm with 7 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
John PEMBERTON of Sutton, Lancashire. Gentleman. And Ellen his wife.
Henry Makin PEMBERTON of Sutton, Lancashire. Gentleman.
George CASE of Liverpool, Lancashire. Esquire.
John ATHERTON of Prescot, Lancashire. Esquire.
Robert William HOPKINS of Preston, Lancashire. Gentleman.
Michael HUGHES of Sutton, Lancashire. Merchant.
Henry MAKIN (deceased 1783) of Warrington, Lancashire. Merchant.

This is a contract of sale by Lease and Release in which the first 5 people listed (John, Ellen and Henry Pemberton, George Case and John Atherton) are selling property in Eccleston, Lancashire.

Apparently, the property is being sold to Robert Hopkins, but it seems that the whole transaction is a legal technicality only with a view to barring the entail on the property. The sale will be followed by the process of common recovery in order to establish a title to the property free of restriction.

The document begins by reciting that Henry Makin died in 1783 leaving a Will in which all his real estate was left to 2 trustees, George Case and John Atherton, for the benefit of his sister Ellen during her life and then to her eldest son.

The property consists of a public house known as the Horse and Jockey in Eccleston, near Prescot, Lancashire, together with several closes of land totalling 7 acres.

NOTE Michael Hughes appears only as some sort of trustee in the process and plays little real part.
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