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Document Number:0411039
Date:11 February 1812
For Sale:40.00
Poor. Discoloured in parts. Badly folded and the first sheet has 4 small holes where it has been folded, but all the words are still legible.
Parchment : 2 sheets 57cm x 72cm. 6 signatures with wax seals and duty stamp.
Summary of contents:
Francis Pelling of Sompting, Sussex. Cordwainer.
Henry Brooker of Brighton, Sussex. Gentleman.
William Margesson of Offington Place, Broadwater, Sussex. Esquire.
Edward Upperton of Sompting, Sussex,
Willoughby Rhoades of Chichester, Sussex. Gentleman.
William Cobden Rhoades of Chichester, Sussex. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting an indenture of 1794 in which Francis Pelling and Henry Brookes (the latter being a trustee for the former) borrowed 150 from William Margesson secured by a mortgage on certain property for a term of 1000 years. Since then, Frances Pelling has built on the land and has sold 3 cottages to Edward Upperton for 140. This money is now being paid to William Margesson and Francis Pelling is being released from his obligations under the mortgage.

I am not really clear how Willoughby and William Rhoades come into it. The cottages are transferred to William Rhoades for the unexpired part of the term of 1000 years in trust for the use of Edward Upperton. Similarly, Willoughby Rhoades is a trustee during the lifetime of Edward Upperton.

The property is all in the parish of Sompting.
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