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Document Number:0411036
Date:27 June 1895
For Sale:30.00
Good, consistent with age
Parchment : 30cm x 47cm 2 sheets. Includes plan of property. 3 signatures with wax seals and duty stamps. Has 2 other indentures of Reconveyance dated 07/04/1896 and 01/02/1897 added afterwards.
Summary of contents:
Rev Peter Rollins Gorringe of Marston, Dorset.
Henry Humphrey Gardner of West Tarring, Sussex. Gentleman.

It appears that in 1890 a William Gardner mortgaged a piece of land near Southwick Green to the Rev Peter Gorringe for 5000. Then in 1894 the land was transferred to Henry Gardner, but with the original mortgage still in place.

Henry Gardner is now repaying 1100 in order to release part of the plot of land from the mortgage. In a second indenture of 1896, added on the same piece of parchment, another part of the plot is being released for a further 1100.

A third indenture of 1897 has been added on the back. The sum owing to the Rev Gorringe is now down to 1948 and Henry Gardner is repaying another sum of 1148.

The original plot totalled 71 acres, and is situated on the North side of Southwick Green and immediately South of the Upper Road leading from Brighton to Shoreham.
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