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Document Number:0411032
Date:26 August 1899
For Sale:40.00
Good, consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 56cm x 75cm. 3 signatures with wax seals and duty stamp.
Summary of contents:
Sara Blinkhorn of St Helens, Lancashire. Widow.
Thomas Brewis of St Helens, Lancashire. Gentleman,
Hudson Atkinson Binney of St Helens, Lancashire. Gentleman.
Thomas West of St Helens, Lancashire. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting an Indenture of Mortgage of 1884. Sorry it is just too complicated to sort out - there are 6 parties, of whom some are trustees of an Indenture of Settlement, there is a property split into 3 shares, and an erroneous statement in an indenture of 1856. At some point William Blinkhorn lent 500 on security of this property, but he died in 1898 leaving Sara Blinkhorn, Thomas Brewis and Hudson Binney as executors. Thomas West has now repaid this 500 and his one-third share of the property is being reconveyed to him.

A schedule to the Indenture lists 4 properties in Eccleston, Lancashire, with rents and terms of leases.

Some of the other people mentioned are :
Frances Mary West
William Hill Brancker
John Bernard the Younger
Isabella Harriet Augusta Desriviere West (formerly Beaulieu)
William Blinkhorn
John Hammill
James Underhill West
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