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Document Number:0411022
Date:24 January 1848
SOLD - transcription available:
Good, consistent with age. Quite clean on the written side, but the outer sheet is a little scruffy at the edges.
Physical description:
Parchment : 4 sheets 60cm x 73cm with 2 wax seals and duty stamps.
Summary of contents
Josias Christopher Gamble of St Helens, Lancashire. Manufacturing Chemist.
David Gamble of St Helens, Lancashire. Manufacturing Chemist.

The object of this indenture is for Josias Gamble to pass on his business, the property it stands on, and his patents to his son, David.

It is a long document reciting the original purchase of parts of the premises in 1830 from the Sankey Brook Navigation Company and in 1842 from the Lord of the Manor of Hardshaw-within-Wendle. Originally, Josias Gamble had bought land jointly with Joseph and James Crossfield, but later became the sole owner, erecting buildings for Alkali and Bleeching Powder manufacture. We are told of the patents and shares of patents from Queen Victoria owned by Josias Gamble.

Now Josias Gamble owns five-eighths of the business and his son, David, owns three-eighths, but all is being conveyed to his son. This document gives a wealth of interesting detail on the business of Josias Gamble at this point in time.

[ A bit of background information : The Gamble's business was a major employer in St Helens with David Gamble becoming the first mayor of the town. David Gamble was largely responsible for the building St Marks Church and the Municipal Institute, the latter housing a library and technical college. ]