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Document Number:0411021
Date:23 December 1804
For Sale:80.00
Good, consistent with age. (There is a hole of 2cm in the top edge, but it does not affect the written area).
Parchment : 2 sheets 63cm x 82cm with 4 wax seals and duty stamps.
Summary of contents:
Margaret Cowling of Wigan, Lancashire. Spinster.
Catherine Cowling of Wigan, Lancashire. Spinster.
James Whittle of Ince-within-Mackerfield, Lancaster. Blacksmith.
Robert Griffiths of Scholes within Wigan, Lancashire. Cotton Spinner.
Henry Gaskell of Wigan, Lancashire. Gentleman.
William Cooper of Wigan, Lancashire., Dyer (1744).
Thomas Banks of Wigan, Lancashire. Gentleman (1744).

The indenture relates to a plot of land with 4 cottages on the South side of Scholes Street, leading to Scholes Bridge in Wigan, bounded on the East by Scholefield Lane.

This is a very convoluted document reciting 8 previous indentures, wills etc. It all begins in 1744 when William Cooper mortgages the property to Thomas Banks for 30. The mortgage grants the property to Thomas Banks for 1000 years subject to a proviso for repaying the 30.

After many intervening events, Margaret and Catherine Cowling are trustees holding the mortgage, and James Whittle has just sold the property to Robert Griffiths. It appears (I could have got it badly wrong!) that this indenture is all about tidying up the 1000 year mortgage by assigning it to a new trustee, Henry Gaskell.

I have included William Cooper and Thomas Banks in the name index because the recitals say quite a lot about them. In brief summary:

1. William Cooper died c1761 giving his property to his wife Margaret.
2. Margaret Cooper died c1771. The beneficiaries of her will were John Grimshaw of Wigan, Sailor, and Betty Ford (later the wife of William Baker).
3. Thomas Banks died c1761 leaving everything to his wife Margaret, but she died intestate soon after. Her only heiress was her granddaughter, Margaret Kenyon, Spinster.
4. In 1777 John Grimshaw, William Baker and Betty Baker sell the property to James Whittle (the father of the James Whittle party hereto).
5. By some incomprehensible event at Lancaster Assizes of 1777 (a "fine sur conusans de droit come???") the mortgage passed to John Perrington of Wigan, Gentleman.
6. James Whittle died c1795 leaving all to his son James.
7. James Whittle sold the property to Robert Griffiths in 1804.

That's clear isn't it?
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