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Document Number:0411020
Title:Lease and Release
Date:16 November 1820
For Sale:85.00
Very good although dusty on outside as folded.
Parchment : large indenture of 3 sheets 76cm x 62cm 4 wax seals, signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Thomas GRAYSON of Bolton le Moors, in the County of Lancaster. Carpenter.
William SHAW of Wigan, County of Lancaster. Cotton Merchant.
John LIVESEY of Leigh within Pennington, County of Lancaster. Farmer.

The documents relate to property in Scholefield Lane, Wigan, consisting of (1) a blacksmith's shop, dwelling house, cottage and spinning factory at the North end of the lane and (2) 16 cottages with garden and other vacant lane on the West side of Scholefield Lane.

We are told that Thomas Grayson acquired the property in June 1820 and is now mortgaging it to John Livesey for 300. As security for the mortgage the property is being conveyed to Livesey by the method of Lease and Release. Both parts of the contract (Lease and Release) are included in this item, being bound together at the bottom edge.

The description of the property includes a long list of previous owners/tenants and indicates that its use has changed over the years (this change of use always being described as "improvement"). In particular we are told that, since his purchase of it Grayson has "further improved the same by erecting divers buildings upon the said hereditaments". There is mention that Grayson also owns other property on the South side of the group of 16 cottages.

William Shaw is acting only as a trustee for Thomas Grayson and plays little real part.
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