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Document Number:0411008
Title:Copies Lease and Release
Date:17 May 1791
For Sale:45.00
Very Good
Paper : 32cm x 42cm 9 sheets. This is a manuscript copy of 2 Indentures on laid paper. There is nothing to indicate when the copy was made - not even a watermark. The type of paper suggests it may be early 19th century.
Summary of contents:
Richard SENIOR of Barnsley. Butcher
John GREENWOOD of Barnsley, Yorkshire. Merchant.
Foljanbe WOOD of Barnsley, Yorkshire. Mercer.
Rev Obadiah LODGE of Hereford Hill, Barnsley, Yorkshire.

Both Indentures relate to a dwelling house in Barnsley with adjoining butcher's shop opposite the 'Ring of Bells' together with 2 closes of land totalling 4 acres. The closes are known as 'the Field Close or Allotment from the Church Field' and the 'Far Shaw Close'.

The 2 Indentures are a Lease for a Year at the rent of a peppercorn made on 17/05/1791 followed by the Release made on 18/5/1791. The effect is that the first 3 named are selling the property to the Rev Obadiah Lodge for 400.

NB. the notes written on the cover say that the second Indenture is a mortgage, but it doesn't look like it to me!
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